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The LakeGarden Residences, Singapore
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We are Wing Tai, Singapore’s leading real estate developer and lifestyle retailer reputed for quality and design.

to Asia-Pacific

Exemplifying the best in quality and design, Wing Tai is more than a brand. Our enduring legacy and commitment to innovation continues to shape the future of real estate and lifestyle retail across the region.

Headquartered in Singapore with regional presence, we own, manage and develop assets across Asia and Australia.

As an investment holdings company and property developer, we focus on seizing growth opportunities to deliver sustainable value to our shareholders, through our core businesses in real estate, lifestyle retail, and hospitality management.

A strong track record of quality and an
extensive portfolio

Since 1978, Wing Tai has expanded from Singapore into Asia-Pacific, achieving recognition as a leading real estate developer. We continue to exceed expectations, consistently delivering quality and innovation.

A hallmark of excellence in various industries, Wing Tai presents an impressive portfolio that speaks volumes about our commitment to quality, design, and innovation.

Explore our portfolio to see how Wing Tai redefines living and lifestyle experiences across Asia-Pacific.


Our world class residential property developments in Singapore offer top quality amenities and premium living experiences. Each project is a work of art that encapsulates our dedication to quality and design.


We develop and invest in prime commercial properties which offer premium work-live-play spaces. Beyond our core market of Singapore, we have expanded our footprint to boost our presence in Asia-Pacific.


At our premium serviced residences, every guest comes home to comfort and elegance. Extending meticulous attention to the guest experience, we craft an intimate atmosphere that envelopes state-of-the-art amenities.


Our pursuit of excellence extends to its fashion retail business in Singapore and Malaysia. Offering exceptional value and quality design, we are a sought after partner by global brands seeking expansion into Asia.


We build sustainability into all we do. We constantly strive to strike a balance between business, social and environmental objectives that are crucial to the Group’s long-term success.