Wing Tai Holdings Limited

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Our sustainability framework comprises four pillars – Environmental Responsibility, People Matters, Market Responsibility and Caring for the Community.

We build for future generations

As a responsible real estate developer, owner, and manager, we are committed to managing and minimising our environmental impact while ensuring the wellbeing of homebuyers, tenants and employees.

We incorporate the principles of sustainability in our design and development approaches. We implement strategies and best practices in our developments across Asia-Pacific and adopt sustainable construction methods and materials where possible. We integrate green features such as motion sensor lights, solar panels and rainwater harvesting in our developments to reduce our environmental footprint.

We build for a greener future

Our retail division focuses on waste reduction to cut downstream emissions. We also seek to use our influence as a fashion retailer to raise eco-consciousness amongst our shoppers, and strive to inculcate eco-friendly habits such as using reusable shopping bags, and reducing textile waste through recycling.

At Wing Tai, we prioritise the environment in our operations as we firmly believe that it will benefit the business, society, planet and future generations.


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